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A Hot Sauce You Can Count On For Heat & Flavor!

Rubin's Hot sauce is a unique proprietary blend of home grown Carolina reaper peppers infused with a citrus based blend of island fruits that creates a delicious hot sauce with enough heat for all hot sauce lovers. No GMO, NO Preservatives and Gluten Free.

For those that like it Hotter, We Present the "Inferno" Alternative! 

Rubin's hot sauce "INFERNO" is a unique proprietary blend of twice the normal amount of home grown Carolina reaper peppers.
This tantalizing recipe is infused with a citrus based blend of tropical fruits that satisfies the relentless search for the perfect heat by hot sauce lovers everywhere! No GMO, NO Preservatives and Gluten Free.

Introducing our Newest Flavor


(Insanely Hot)

Rubins Hot Sauce LLC is seeking Wholesale Distribution.

 Our sauce is delicious and

does not have excessive heat.

 Our recipes have found the happy medium where flavor meets heat and both have a wonderful dance in the taste buds. 

Rubin's Story...

It was the first year in my ski house in Killington, Vermont where I found myself enjoying cooking for the house and experimenting with making my own hot sauce. The spice kits I tried just didn’t do the trick.

Being the hot sauce lover I am, I have never been able to find the right combination of heat and flavor. Either the sauce was extremely hot but had no real flavor or great flavor with no heat.

So I started to experiment with a recipe I thought up one night when I couldn’t sleep. After many trials, and going back to the drawing board for months on end, 

one day I came up with the recipe that turned out to be a winner.
I spent a few years branding the sauce in my ski town and got 100% positive feedback.

At first I did not want to sell the sauce but give it away as gifts. But as demand grew, I realized this could be a fun and productive business that would bring joy to many people's culinary experiences.

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What Our Customers Say

Just doctored up some BBQ sauce last night,

Took some Baby Ray's, added peaches, mandarin oranges, garlic and Rubin's Hot Sauce all pureed together. Holy sh** was it good. Marinated and brushed the chicken with it, finished with melted cheddar and bacon crumbles. Sweet and spicy, YUM!

Dave Parnell

Chef and Bartender

"We had homemade chili last night with the boys..."

We had homemade chili last night with the boys (Hot Sauce Connoisseurs) We had some with Siracha, Frank's Hot sauce, and Rubin's Hot Sauce.

It was all good because Gina made great chili, but hands down unanimous Winner was the chili with Rubin's Hot Sauce. NICE!

Eric Bishop

Armand Corporation

Rubins' Hot Sauce is now offering Catering for
you're events of up to 100 people
in New Hampshire.

Rubin specializes in Italian home cooking and has been
serving parties for over 20 years. Some of our specialities are;

ZIti vodka

Pasta Primavera

Eggplant Parmigiana


Chicken Marsala

Chicken Cacciatore

Fettuccine Alfredo with Scallops

Shrimp diavolo

Shrimp scampi

Mussels Spicy Marinara

Homemade Meatballs

Call Rubin now to discuss prices and scheduling an event. Cell ; 603-677-2292

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